Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Broccoli Salad & Raw Nut Cheese

This is a really easy dish with 4 raw ingredients:

4 Heads of Broccoli
1 Purple Onion
5-6 Baby Mandarin Oranges
Organic White Button Mushrooms (optional)

Raw Dressing - Recipe from Nouveau Raw

You can buy broccoli heads, or heads with stems. I prefer heads with stems as I juice the stems.
Clean and cut into small florets place in bowl. Cut onion in rings, peel and strinkle oranges on salad. I usually put in organic white button mushrooms as well. I was serving guests this weekend and they are not fond of mushrooms. Make dressing or buy a raw dressing of your choice and toss. I find the longer it marinades the softer the broccoli becomes.

I made a variation of a raw cheese from the "I am Grateful " recipe book from Gratitude Cafe.

1 1/2 Cups Soaked Raw Peanuts
1 Tbsp Miso
1 Pinch Sea Salt
1 Tsp Raw Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup Fresh Water

Place raw nuts in food processor with miso, salt, oil and half water. I also added chives. Blend slowly and add water as needed. When a smooth consistency has been achieved, taste. Had in cheese cloth until firm.

You can change the flavour by adding one or more of the following:

Turmeric, cumin, cilantro, parsley, bell or black pepper.

I made a great vegan dish that I will post tomorrow. Meatless Burgers - They were really yummy!

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