Thursday, January 26, 2012

Raw Therapy is Officially 1 Year Old

Happy Birthday Raw Therapy!

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I can not believe it has been one year already! Officially one year ago last night, I wrote my first blog post about embarking on a Journey to Regain Optimum Health! I was tired of years of battling IBS and I was about to do something about it. One year ago today, I made my first raw meal!

What a year it has been! And cheers to many more years of Raw Food and Good Health!

For the most part it has been amazing journey. I can honestly say this is a change the you will not regret and a change that you can feel. The first two weeks was the hardest as my body was detoxing, but after the two week hump I was flying high! A natural high. Food has never tasted so good, and my energy levels soared through the roof! Once you try raw and feel the difference when you try to go back to your old ways of eating, you will immediately feel the difference!

This year is going to be an exciting year! My husband has decided to go vegetarian and we have made the decision for our 3 children to go this way as well! They were not big meat eaters anyway so it should not be that hard. Although they are no prepared to go totally raw, I do think it is an amazing step in the right direction. Whole Foods, plant based lifestyle!

What I found has been useful for me is keeping a "Food Journal." Having an extremely sensitive stomach, there are many raw and non-raw items that bother my stomach as well. It has been important for me to journal the foods I eat and any reactions I encounter.

I want to thank everyone who follows my blog, friends and family for all the support. My husband and my children for cheering me on! Keep following! This will be another great year of giveaways, great recipes, guest posts, reviews and much more!

Raw Food Rocks!!!


  1. Congratulations! I'm just now discovering raw food and found your blog. Your recipes sound delicious and your photography is beautiful! I will definitely be frequenting your site to keep me motivated on my journey. I'm not ready to go 100% raw, but I will be incorporating many raw meals into my new healthy lifestyle. And Kudos to you for keeping this up with 3 kids! You might as well be Super Woman. I started my own blog to document my journey. Stop by and check it out : )

  2. Sara thank you for the encouragement! I will be checking out your blog as soon as I am finished this comment! Raw Food is amazing! I can not explain the natural high, increased energy and the glow you get from eating this way, not to mention you just feel great! I will try my best to keep you motivated, just don't give up, you may have good days and bad days, but stick with it, it is a change you will feel! Good for you!

  3. Congratulations darling!! You inspired me to start blogging.. fell off so many times, but it's been a year since I have started my blog.. I know .. you probably didn't know!! LoL.. anywho
    I just wanted to congratulate you on ur raw journey.. am detoxing and have been thinking of you! Am in love with quinoa at the moment and am going to make one of you raw nut things.. keep u posted!

  4. Happy anniversary!! Looking forward to reading many more posts in the future

  5. Darcita,
    I know you blog, I do check it out sister! Thank you for all the encouragement you are a star! keep up with the detoxing and let me know how it goes. Joel has decided to go vegetarian!!! And the children, woohoo!
    So exciting. Keep me posted on he raw nut things!

  6. Thank you Angel! It has been a great year and I am looking forward to another great year in the raw!