Monday, September 26, 2011

Raw for Dessert! Win a Free Raw Dessert Book!

One of the hardest things for me going raw, has been dessert. Not that I am big on desserts anyway, but I do like to have the choice of having something yummy. I have always been restricted on what I can eat for many years, as I can not eat anything with dairy or soy. Eggs tend to bother my stomach as well as wheat among other things, the list goes on and on.

I have come across so many amazing raw desserts. There are many fantastic sites out there and many of my fellow bloggers have made some amazing raw creations.

This weeks blog is all about raw dessert! I want everyone to have the chance to win a great book that I have found useful in my raw journey.

It has many yummy choices...

In order to be entered into the draw you must:

1) Follow my Blog
2) Tell me about your favourite raw dessert
3) Tell me why you decided to go raw!

Let's keep it simple!

Good luck and I can not wait to hear about your favourite recipes and why you choose to go raw!

Blessings! Raw Food Rocks! Raw Therapy - What Nature Intended!


  1. K, officially following your blog! My favorite raw dessert is a raw brownie that I make:
    I started going raw about a year ago after developing pretty debilitating digestive issues. I'm still in the midst of trying to work out the kinks, but I've absolutely fallen in love with raw "cooking."
    Great blog!-
    Jamie Hayworth-Chin

  2. I follow your blog because it makes obvious that raw is possible, and even fun.
    The only raw dessert I made was almost like a main course: Carrot pulp with dates and all kinds of stuff thrown in. I had it for breakfast lunch and supper due to the carob chips! (I am non-caffeinated, so chocolate is out. Can I make Jamie's brownies with carob?
    I am not totally raw, but rather moving that way along the scale. :)

  3. I thought I followed your blog but I just signed up!!!
    I love a chocolate fruit dip that I make out of almond butter, cacao, agave and yummy!!!!
    Also, I went raw for health reasons...I am not 100% raw now....I try to stay at 50-85% raw everyday though!!!
    Good luck to everyone!!! That book looks amazing!! I have never heard of it before!!

  4. Hi Jamie,
    The brownies look amazing! Great job - your blog looks great as well. Thank you for sharing the link. Grace is wondering about a substitution in your would know better than me if it would turn out relatively the same. Although eating raw is a very disciplined way of eating, it is awesome because you can feel the difference.

  5. Grace...yes, raw food rocks! I am so happy that you are doing raw. No matter is you are 100% raw, high raw or medium, I think it has helped me just be conscious of what I am eating. Wow, non-caffinated. I have a confession, I love my coffee. I am in the process and have tried - grain/chicory and other substitutes, maca, cacao, but as of yet, I have not given up my morning coffee - need it to survive:) I have used carrott pulp to make a great raw carrot cake!

  6. Yeah Samantha! Wow, the fruit dip sounds amazing. See you guys are helping me out!I can not wait to try the dip! It seems like everyone who went raw has health reasons! Our bodies are trying to tell us something. Great job with the 50-85% raw each day! Fantastic! Thanks for checking in!